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Greater London

Lucky & Joy in Clapton

Why did you choose this restaurant and how many times have you been here?

It was my first time at the restaurant. Some friends recommended the place so I was keen on trying it.

After your experience, how would you convince a friend to come with you?

It’s definitely a different experience from what we are used to find in the area. The menu has options for everyone, the place looks very cool and has a fun vibe.

What did you eat and how was it? 

We had Guangxi style pork belly salad, Turnip cake with soft eggs, Crispy chilli squid with cabbage salad and steamed rice while drinking Asahi draft beer.

The pork belly salad was very tasty and crispy, I really enjoyed it. The Turnip cake was a really good surprise, it tasted like something I would eat back home years ago and the eggs had the perfect texture. The squid was delicious, not too spicy - perfectly combined with the steamed rice. The beer was ice-cold and a perfect match for the dishes.

Can you show us a picture of your favourite dish?

Guangxi style pork belly salad

How about the atmosphere of the place? 

The restaurant has a very original vibe. You can see and smell the food being prepared at the back. The overall Vaporwave look of the place is beautiful, with lush plants, neon lights and metallic surfaces. You will surely want to take a picture!

What did you think of the staff, were they nice?

Staff were great. A very attentive waiter assisted us through dinner and the food came quickly. Everything seemed very organised.

Ok, hang on a minute:

If you could rename the restaurant, what name would you choose for it and why?

Tasty vaporwave Asian. That’s exactly how I’m going to remember this place from now on.

Is there any city around the world where you wouldn't be surprised to see this restaurant?

Tokyo but also São Paulo.

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