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Pix.City Services

They trust us to manage their local visibility

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Our services

Facebook, Tiktok, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram...? We define together which are the best networks to activate for your activity.
Community Management

We manage your social networks for you!

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Local SEO on Google

We optimize your Google my business page

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Paid advertising

Let us optimize your ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram...

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Local influencers and photographers

Get a local influencer or photographer from our network!

What are our results on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn?


How about a free audit of your digital visibility?

Within 3 days, we can tell you:

qust Who among your competitors are the best on Google ? How are they doing?
quest Which social network to choose?
qust Which posts have the most potential for sharing on social networks?
qust Which influencers are available locally to create the event for your brand?
Avez-vous besoin de nouvelles photos pour mettre en valeur votre entreprise? Do you need new photos to showcase your business?
qust What is the potential for your business on Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and even Tiktok ads?